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Create a positive, life-changing environment
for your clients.

Wordposters are :

  • Specifically designed to support and encourage learning a new way of life

  • Topics that dovetail with a variety of therapies, groups and ages

  • Visually engaging making your programs and message stand out

  • Bold in-your-face inspiration that opens hearts and expands minds

  • Motivation your clients need to persevere, heal, think, recover and grow


We now offer over 300 hand-painted designs in 3 sizes

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Why I'm doing this
Originally I started painting these for my own mental health an attitude, soon I discovered I simply couldn't stop! (you can learn more about my story here) My ultimate goal is to: inspire, uplift, motivate and encourage people of all ages all over the world. I humbly Thank you for this opportunity to share my designs with you, your counselors and clients.
Warmly   Jan Riley                                                                                                                                

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