The woman behind this whole she-bang

Jan RileyMy name is Jan Riley and I am the artist behind the colorful in-your-face inspirational posters. Creating posters that inspire both students, teachers, bosses, employees, clients and people who are healing - makes me feel amazing!

My ultimate goal in life is to: inspire, uplift, motivate and encourage people of all ages as well as help them expand, persevere, heal, think, recover and grow.

My story

My mother, Joan Riley, was a teacher- so was my grandmother and brother. I have taught drawing, creativity and small business marketing. Having been a lifelong artist I have created many projects but nothing has touched has people like these silly little word paintings. I still get a thrill knowing that people are inspired when they see my hand painted designs with bright colors and thought provoking sayings!

How Art Saved me

Art saved my life, changed my life and has been my lifeline. As a child sexual abuse survivor, a troubled, drug addicted adult (now recovering over 26 years) having a positive way to express my feelings, hopes and dreams has been crucial to my wellbeing and success.

When the world changes

I still remember the time I was in 4th grade when my art teacher Mrs Miller showed me how to draw in perspective. It was a mind blowing realization that opened up my world. I SAW everything differently including myself. Having art was my self expression and my refuge from childhood trauma. Art gave me a sense of security and freedom. I went on to study drawing and painting at the University of Georgia, spent 15 years traveling as a professional musician and returned to Atlanta to start my faux finish and mural business which I still operate.

Art changed my life, saved my life
and has been my lifes work.

My ultimate goal is to: inspire, uplift, motivate and encourage people of all ages. I am so honored that people of all ages, races and faiths respond to these paintings and that I have the opportunity to share them with you now. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and hope you enjoy browsing the site. 
                                                              BIG HUGS - Jan