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Now what you have gotten yourself into?

You might be asking what kinds of emails will we be sending?  The short version is - The hand-painted kind.

More stuff like this:

Less stuff like this: (anything that involves typing)
Let me just confess right now - I hate to type and I suck at it. I do try to add some bits of experience and hope. If you see typos, yes that is me, heck I even have typos in my paintings because I never see them even tho I went to college and my mom was an English teacher. If it really bugs you I apologize in advance.

But back to the emails: It's really fairly straightforward -  every few days I'll be sending one picture of a motivational painting or graphic covering a wide variety of topics. Topics range from motivational, inspired words, positive sayings, things that make you think, healing, recovery, taking care of yourself, funny stuff, and new paintings.

My hope is that you will BE INSPIRED and UPLIFTED when you see them.

Most images will be available in the store ( but not all, because as of right now I have over 800 painted word designs and only about 300+ are in the store) Either way THE POINT IS that I hope you enjoy getting a colorfully painted message that might make you think, smile, laugh, reflect or grow.

big thanks & hugs
Because I really do believe in YOU
Jan Riley


P.S. I want to reassure your that we promise never to share your info, or send you stupid stuff. We will let you know about new designs, special and fun stuff we learn about.