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Brightly colored and fabulously exhuberant Word Posters! 

These designs are truly original, unique and stand out when displayed. They appeal to all ages and add a pop of colorful inspiration everywhere!

• STANDARD Poster (8"x 10") Printed on 80Lb coverr stock
• LARGE Poster (16"x 21") Printed on 32lb poster paper with archival ink

We now have over a dozen designs available with more coming each month. Artist Jan Riley shares her enthusiasm for life in her unique posters and invites you to share the love. © All designs are the copyright of Jan Riley

Don't Give Up -Counselors, Teachers, Rehab Programs Recovery Must have decor


Keep Going Share motivation with this perfect addition for counselors, teachers, rehab centers, and anyone who needs encouragement. Motivate and inspire with this playful and colorful and quirky reminder to keep pushing forward. Keep going, you got this! 

Today will Be a gOOd Day -Positive mindset motivational quote poster


Start your day off with a positive quote Boost your mood with an inspiring print, the perfect home decor for encouragement and motivation. With its colorful and positive quote, this maximilist piece will keep you feeling positive and inspired (even on a Monday morning)!

Appreciate the journey -motivation, inspiration, encourament wall decor


Inspirational Wall art Decor Find your daily dose of motivation and inspiration. This poster is the perfect wall art for turning your living room, study, office , bedroom and meditation yoga space into a source of encouragement and positivity. Start appreciating the journey today!

Breathe in Breathe out Repeat -Mindfulness, yoga, zen, meditation space


Mindfulness Quote Poster Take a moment for yourself with our "Breathe in Breathe out Repeat" poster. Perfect for your office, Karate, yoga studio, or meditation zen den, this mental health, mindfulness poster adds a positive touch to your wall decor. This inspiring quote reminds you to take a breath and find your inner peace. Namaste!

Be Happy - Encouraging, uplifting, inspiring and motivating wall decor


Unlock your inner joy with Be Happy poster!  This motivational art piece is sure to inspire and encourage you to find happiness in the little things. Let it be your daily reminder to embrace positivity and enjoy life to the fullest. Get ready to feel uplifted and energized! (No guarantees, but it couldn't hurt!) Encouraging, uplifting, inspiring and motivating wall...

Be Kind, show respect, keep and open mind - Motivational wall decor Teacher, Councelors


Inspiring Quote for All Ages Be kind, show respect, and keep an open mind with this motivational wall decor poster. Perfect as a must have for teachers and counselors, this brightly colored poster with a positive quote will inspire and brighten up any room where you need a burst of inspiration.  Great wisdom quote for classrooms, homeschool and home decor....